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20 Steps from Home

I was inspired today while listening to the Podcast #83.  Marko the host was sharing an idea submitted by one of his listeners.  The idea was to do a photo walk but limit it to 20 steps from your door.  As I was listening I thought how great it would be to do this mini photo walk with my girls.  Upon getting home I shared my idea and right away they were excited.  Jaelie my youngest (3) was upset at first, since she did not have a camera of her own yet.  So I explained that she did have a camera and I presented her with my old Canon S400, then she was very excited.  Teagan has been taking photos for a number of years now even though she just turned six, but was also very keen to go.  Teagan uses my current pocket camera, the Canon SD870IS. We rounded up our gear and headed out the door.  I was excited too as their energy and creative use of the camera was so much fun to see.  We had about half an hour before dinnertime and took full advantage of it.  We stayed within the 20 steps (maybe giant steps) and took lots of pictures from all different angles.  (more…)


Photo “To Work” Walk – First and Last?

I decided at the last moment before leaving for work today to take my camera with me.  I had looked outside before heading out the door and there was a great fog about.  My first instinct was fog makes everything look surreal so I ran up and grabbed my camera with my 24-70 f2.8 lens and stepped out.  I started snapping shots immediately, but since this was an impromptu ‘photo walk’ I had not provided for any additional time to get to work and that meant taking shots ‘from the hip’.  Due to low light (6:50am) and fog it was tough to keep them from being blurred.  I ran up the ISO to 6400 so I could still hand hold as I did not bring along my tripod. The Canon 5D Mark II that I use as my main body is fully capable of taking amazing low noise photos at this high ISO so I didn’t worry about it.  I had a blast just having fun, carrying my camera, shooting, and all while going to work.  I work downtown Calgary among all the new buildings and they are such great subjects, I shot away.  I stepped into my building which is also new and took more.  Got to my desk and finally put my camera down.  (more…)