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Shooting with a Fast 50 Lens

So I purchased my first prime fast 50 lens a year ago and have learned a lot about it during the year.  The lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and I use it on a full frame body.  I obtained this lens mainly to shoot portraits, especially my family members.  I chose the f/1.4 over the other common Canon 50’s (1.8 or 1.2) for two main reasons.  The f/1.4 has a more substantial feel than the f/1.8-II, mainly due to less plastic in the construction and has a metal mount over the plastic one on the f/1.8.  Since I plan to keep this lens for a long time I was worried about small bangs doing big damage to both the lens and camera.  The other factor was cost; the f/1.4 is more than the f/1.8, but still fit in the budget.  The f/1.2 was way too much for what I needed or wished to pay.

There has been a much bigger learning curve to using this lens than I had originally thought. Without thinking to deep, I figured I could just continue to use this new lens like any other I had used in the past.  Wrong!  First, it does not zoom.  Feet start moving.  Looking back now I had never really used a prime lens.  (more…)


Distracted by the Moon

I was invited to a charity event this past weekend that had me going to a professional Football game here in Calgary.  My father happened to be in town and suggested I take his Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM lens.  I took him up on the offer as I wanted to try it out and see how well it would perform.  This was an evening game starting at 7:30pm and at this time of year the sun sets by 7pm, so I didn’t know what to expect for lighting.  As this was just a fun outing I wasn’t worried about taking an unfamiliar lens and giving it a whirl.  The lens turned out to be a lot of fun at the game, more from a useful tool to see the action up close than to really get any decent shots like you see in Sport Illustrated.  The seats were almost as far back as you can get from the action.  I ended up having to crank up the ISO in order to capture any of the game and I’m not a football fan by any means thus soon I was distracted by things other than the game.  And then the moon appeared from behind the stadium stands across the field. I had not taken tripod or monopod (don’t have a monopod anyway), so I was hand holding all my shots, but figured I should be able to get a few not too bad frames of the moon.  (more…)